“Direct your eye inward, and you'll find A thousand regions in your mind Yet undiscovered. Travel them, and be Expert in home-cosmography”

― Henry David Thoreau

Mindfulness: Coaching and Practice

Mindfulness Coaching is a dynamic process designed to train the mind to be less reactive and more responsive. When we learn to respond to life instead of react to it, we live happier and more fulfilling lives.


Mindfulness training is a practice that is centuries old. It has been practiced by sages throughout history who sought clarity, wisdom and ways to transcend mental suffering. Mindfulness[i], is a state of present moment awareness marked by acceptance, non-attachment, non-judgment, openness, curiosity and compassion.


An abundance of research attests to the many benefits gained from mindfulness training.  Through rigorous empirical studies, Mindfulness training has been shown to increase emotional stability, boost stress tolerance, decrease depression and anxiety, decrease physical pain and increase focus and attention.




[i] See Jon Kabbat-Zinn and UCLA MARC for more thorough definitions of Mindfulness