Here you will find descriptions of the most common practices and services I provide for my clients. As every human is unique, so will, of course, our sessions together be as well. It is helpful to view these service descriptions as just that 'Descriptions' and to remember that we will accommodate your needs by creating a practice that suits you and your life.

In-Person and Online Private Mindfulness Coaching

Private sessions help with issues related to anxiety, depression and ADHD. It is especially helpful in creating

space to move through transitions such as going to college, breakups and school-related stressors.


Consultation and Coaching for Educators

Coaching for Educators provides teachers and adminstration with tools needed to establish a regular mindfulness practice, de-stress during the day and create mindful  rituals that help to establish calm classrooms with focused and engaged students.


Mindfulness Goes to School

Utilizing the Mindful Schools Curriculum, we deliver 20 to 30 minute mindfulness lessons twice a week for 9 weeks (for adolescents) and 8 weeks

(for elementary school children). We cover practices such as mindful listening, attentional anchors and regulating emotions.


Workplace Wellness

Bring stress-reduction and greater productivity to your workplace! In this 6-week series, employees will meet once a week for 1.5 hours and get the chance to develop and sustain a personalized meditation practice, develop greater insight, learn emotional regulation techniques, establish group cohesion, and cultivate positive emotional states such as gratitude and happiness.


Benefits of Mindfulness Practices:

• Immune system support

• Improved social relationships

• Reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing happiness

• Increased ability to be aware of and experience more 

• Psychological mindfulness, clarity of discernment, and flexibility in all aspects of life